Could you be sharing more in public?

Exploring the power of sharing in public to share your wisdom and impact with the people around you.

Could you be sharing more in public?

Much of my personal growth has been due to my own choices and actions, and much of it has been due to my connections to other people in my life. Family, friends, co-workers, and strangers have been as much if not more of my personal growth as any meditation, journal entry, or course that I've approached alone. As an only child, I got really good at doing things solo. Thousands of hours paying with Legos and later writing code helped me to flourish in my own creative world. It left me with strong skills and experience in ideating, reasoning, managing, and making. And left me comfortable with solitude. I have no trouble keeping myself occupied. But over time, I've realized that solo only goes so far. There are limits where it doesn't really work so well.

When faced with a challenging problem, I certainly try to apply my own knowledge, experience, and wisdom to it. It helps me to define the problem more clearly. It helps me to identify the resources and options I have that could help to solve it. And it helps me to consider if I've faced a similar problem before and what wisdom I might have gained that could apply to this situation. These steps of self-reflection and self-efficacy are often very helpful. But they're often not enough. Sometimes I realize that I don't have sufficient knowledge, experience, or wisdom because I'm doing something new. Or I'm still left with a handful of options, still needing to choose an action and confidently pursue it. Or perhaps I choose an action but need feedback and accountability to help me recharge my energy and push through challenges. And over time, I've learned that it's other people who help me through these things.

The other people in my life have knowledge, experience, and wisdom that I don't have. They have different perspectives from mine. They can quickly identify additional options, help make a choice, or provide feedback. And in our modern times, it's easier than ever for people to share their resources with other people and with the world. There has never been a time in history when it's been easier to create and share through writing, video, audio, and many other mediums. And there's never been a time when more resources have been available for free or for a reasonable cost. Blogs, newsletters, courses, apps, websites, podcasts, movies, etc. I like to call this Sharing in Public. And I think it's such a beautiful expression of humans being connected, social creatures. We need each other. And sharing in public is a wonderful way to support each other in that need.

That's why I'm revamping my personal website today, to provide a better home to share my resources in public. I'll primarily be sharing my projects, ideas, and public journal entries, linking to additional resources I've created and to resources from other people that I've found helpful. If that sounds interesting to you, subscribe to receive periodic updates.