Meet Adam Zolyak

Meet Adam Zolyak

Hey there! I'm Adam. Welcome.

Welcome to my personal website where you can learn more about me, my projects, and my ideas.


My current mission is to help every person have the inner tools and resources they need to live an authentic fulfilling lives and support other people in having the same - at work, at home, and everywhere in between. However, I also believe there are many effective proven options available to realize this mission that aren't well known or easy to apply in our current culture.

My strategy is to use modern tactics and technology to increase the reach, approachability, and efficacy of proven ideas so that everyone has access to these inner tools and resources.

My Work

I'm currently pursuing my mission through Tools For Humanity and Workit. I'm also frequently working on new projects or exploring new ideas to help find new options to fulfill my mission. Along the way, I wear many hats, as a full-stack maker, outdoor adventurer, lifelong learner, and human being.

I have worn a variety of hats and currently enjoy working with small startups where I can shape product, process / systems, and culture. I am equally comfortable creating a product strategy, improving automated test coverage coaching others about effective async work practices, or talking with a customer.

I am a maker at heart with a love of bringing helpful things into the world and helping people integrate them into their lives. I make through many mediums including product, process, culture, hardware, software, 3D printing, cooking, and occasionally stickers. I can frequently be found reading a space opera fiction book or adventuring in my truck camper with my wife Val.

I share my experience and wisdom through this website, writing, and speaking. I have a not-so-secret love of lightning talks and slideshow karaoke.

My Principals

Bias to Action

Learn by doing, iterating, and achieving small incremental wins along the way; don’t wait for perfect answers before taking action, and have strong opinions loosely held. Often, the only way out is through!

Be Intentional

Have a vision. Say yes to the most interesting things and no or "maybe later" to the rest. Be transparent and candid with other people so that your intentions are clear, and create shared objectives and working agreements.

Diverge and Experiment

Seek multiple diverse and divergent points of view. Form multiple hypotheses. Try multiple options and experiments. Co-create and collaborate with other people. Put yourself in situations where you bump into new ideas.

Be Curious

Lead through asking questions and starting with an egoless beginner's mindset to learn how to best serve. Be willing to fail and find value in the learning therein.

Be Present

Be present with other people and with me through active listening, active feeling, and active being - especially asking clarifying questions and being slow and thoughtful before responding and making space for other people.

Be of Service to Others

Connect with people to understand who they are, serve them, and co-creating with them. Treat everyone as they truly are - whole, capable, awesome!

Be Authentic and Vulnerable

Dare to bring the whole me to being and doing do, and dare to deeply connect with other people even if that sometimes means having difficult conversations or things getting weird. There is a tremendous possibility for joy (as well as tribulation) in being authentic and vulnerable!


Keep it light; smile, joke, play! It's an important part of being a human and connecting with other people. And it's a heck of a lot of fun!

More About Me

You can learn more about me in my ReadMe.