Let's Waffle! Bot

Demo of my hackathon project to help developers get onboarding more quickly and effectively with Waffle.io.

Let's Waffle! Bot

As a Developer Advocate at Waffle.io, my mission is to make sure everyone who could benefit from Waffle.io knows about Waffle.io and has a chance to try Waffle.io for themselves. One of the most loved features of Waffle.io is WaffleBot – which lets developers provide updates their team members and product status directly from GitHub issues, branches, and pull requests. WaffleBot takes care of updating status, assigning team members to issues, and showing the real-time status of branches, pull requests, automated tests, and deployments.

However, it’s hard for some users to find out about WaffleBot and give it a try. Since WaffleBot integrates into your development workflow, it can be hard to learn about using the specific keywords and patterns that activate WaffleBot. Many of our experiments provided some improvement, such as a Waffle Automation Cheatsheet, a Waffle Automation landing page to highlight the automation features and explain how they work, and a Getting Started with Waffle Automation onboarding document sent to all new users.

But then the best idea came along. One day, I received feedback from a user suggesting that WaffleBot should teach users about WaffleBot. What a great idea! WaffleBot could teach you about itself by walking you through performing the different actions that automate project status updates. And that’s how Let’s Waffle! Bot was born.

Let’s Waffle! Bot teaches users about Waffle.io and WaffleBot through a series of tasks that illustrate how to get the most value out of Waffle.io and WaffleBot! Brilliant! Check out the demo and source code below!

Source code available at https://github.com/adamzolyak/letswafflebot